Exosomal Protein Extraction Kit


Type of end product:

Total RNA, protein, micro RNA

High-performance compatibility:

Not compatible with high performance (manual)

Insulation technology:

Spin column (fibreglass filter), organic extraction

Purification goal:

Total RNA, protein, RNA and protein, miRNA

Shipping condition: Room temperature

To use with (application):

Next-Generation Sequencing

Example type:

Organelle and vesicle related samples, exosomes

Content and storage

Store between 2 and 8 ° C.


Total Exosome RNA and Protein Isolation Kit enables the isolation of total exosome RNA and protein from exosome samples extracted from biological fluids (e.g., by using total exosome isolation (from cell culture media) or isolation total exosomes (serum)).

  • Extracts high purity total RNA (including a small fraction of RNA) from exosomes
  • Recovers proteins and RNA from the same sample
  • Compatible with all protocols for the isolation of exosomes

The Total Exosome RNA and Protein Isolation Kit is designed for the isolation of previously isolated or enriched exosome RNA and proteins (not supplied). It is suitable for studies of RNA (specifical miRNA) expression, processing, or function. The kit allows the recovery of both RNA and proteins from the same purified exosome preparation. A portion of the sample is subjected to organic extraction, followed by immobilization of RNA on glass fibre filters to purify total RNA or enrich for small RNA species.

The other portion is then used directly for common protein applications, such as Western blotting. High yields of ultra-pure RNA can be prepared in approximately 30 to 60 minutes. The RNA can then be used in a variety of downstream applications, including qRT-PCR, high-throughput sequencing (for example, using the Ion Torrent ™ PGM ™, Ion Torrent ™ Proton ™ or SOLiD sequencing instruments), analysis microarray, solution hybridization and blot hybridization assays.

  • For research use only. Not for therapeutic or diagnostic use in humans or animals.
  • For research use only. It should not be used in diagnostic procedures.

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