Our vision

VZW MiniFOOT wants to actively contribute to offering and raising awareness about eating insects in our Western society. Our planet deserves a restructuring in the use of animal proteins. 
The global demand for animal proteins is increasing every year. Growing prosperity, especially in China and India, means that more livestock is being raised. By 2030, however, our earth will no longer be able to meet the demand for animal proteins. If we want our grandchildren to also have a good life on our blue planet, then we better learn today to be more economical with energy (food) sources.

Growing insects is environmentally friendly, it requires less food, space. Eating insects provides an alternative source of animal protein, omega-3 fatty acids, iron and vitamins. That is why the use of insects in our gastronomy is a healthy enrichment. 

Cooking with new products gives oxygen to a creative cook.

Email: wouter@minifood.be

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Phone: preferably SMS on +32 474/49.38 .19 (available between 12:00-12:30 or after 18:00)

Picking up

orders: Picking up orders is possible, but only by appointment. 

Shop – point of sale:

There is no shop, only webshop, every product is normally immediately available


MiniFOOD is the name of our webshop. Because we don’t just want to help introduce insect food, talk about it and let you taste it, we are happy to offer them for sale in our shop. With us you will find a very diverse range of what is already available on the market.